Miller Center

Scholarship at the Miller Center

The Miller Center's academic programs include the Institute for Presidential Studies (which houses the Presidential Recordings Program and Presidential Oral History Program), the Great Issues Program, and the Miller Center National Fellowship. We also produce first-rate academic work on significant topics relating to the American presidency, politics and international affairs, which is shared through regular conferences, colloquia, and speaker's series' which provide historical insights into today's policy challenges. 

Upcoming Events

The Miller Center regularly holds colloquia, conferences, and special events to address topics related to the presidency and political history or to showcase scholarly research. Downloadable video and audio from all events is available through the Miller Center event archive.

About the Miller Center Faculty

The Miller Center's scholars engage in research and writing in political history that helps to shed light on the greatest policy challenges facing our nation. Our progamming regularly features prominent scholars from across the country to share their work and exchange ideas concerning contemporary debates in politics, history, and current affairs. More →


The Miller Center is pleased to announce the 2013-14 Historical Presidency Series, “The American Presidency and the Crises of the Nineteenth Century.” Organized by Gary W. Gallagher, renowned UVA history professor and Miller Center senior faculty associate, the inaugural season will examine executive leadership during a particularly calamitous period in our nation’s history. More →