Miller Center

Primary Resources: 21st Century

  • Current Events Document Search
    This University of Michigan resource allows you to search the recent news for articles and documents on any subject. The site also provides quick search links and searches on important issues from the past.
    This Library of Congress website holds a database for all relevant materials concerning the events of September 11, 2001. An analysis of the events and the documents is also available.
  • Social Criticism Review
    The site provides contemporary readings in social criticism, focusing on anti-growth and techno-pessimism.
  • Homeland Security
    Full-text government documents relating ot the war on terrorism, 2001- present.
  • Clinton Presidential Center
    The Clinton Digital Library contains an extensive collection of documents from the president and first lady during their time in office and several featured collections.
  • History of the Internet
    How the web came to be, by those who built it.
  • George W. Bush Library
    The Bush online library contains an array of presidential recordings, digitized records, speeches and briefings from the terms of the 43rd president administered by the National Archives and Records Administration.