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In 1998, the Miller Center began work on the secret White House recordings produced between 1940 and 1973 through the Presidential Recordings Project (now the Presidential Recordings Program or PRP). The PRP is dedicated to making presidential recordings accessible through accurate transcriptions, helpful annotations and downloadable audio files.

Below is a sampling of flash transcripts of the recordings. Almost 5,000 hours of recordings are available, click here to see a full selection.

September 27, 1940: African Americans and the U.S. Military
Franklin Roosevelt, A. Philip Randolph, Walter White (Civil Rights, World War II)

Oct 04, 1940: A Japanese Ultimatum
Franklin Roosevelt, Cordell Hull (World War II)

Oct 08, 1940: "Some Fool Thing"
Franklin Roosevelt (World War II)

Oct 19, 1962: "You're in a Pretty Bad Fix"
John Kennedy, Curtis LeMay (Cuban Missile Crisis 1962)

Nov 21, 1962: Fly Me To the Moon
John Kennedy, James Webb, Robert Seamans, Hugh Dryden, Jerome Wiesner (Space Race)

Sep 19, 1963: Bombs in Birmingham
John Kennedy, Civil Rights Leaders (Birmingham 1963)

Oct 29, 1963: Robert Kennedy on a Possible Coup in South Vietnam
John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy (Diem Coup 1963, Vietnam)

Nov 25, 1963: LBJ and MLK
Lyndon Johnson, Martin Luther King Jr. (Civil Rights)

Aug 09, 1964: LBJ Orders Some New Haggar Pants
Lyndon Johnson, Joe Haggar

Mar 02, 1964: LBJ and McNamara on Vietnam
Lyndon Johnson, Robert McNamara (Vietnam)

Mar 25, 1971: Richard Nixon Reflects on Youth Today
Richard Nixon, Bob Haldeman

Sep 17, 1971: Nixon and LBJ
Richard Nixon, H.R. Haldeman, John Erlichman

Aug 01, 1972: Watergate: They Have to be Paid
Richard Nixon, Bob Haldeman (Watergate)