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Forum Series: War, Warfare, and Violence

The proliferation of violence—through war, civil unrest, and criminality—is among the gravest issues facing human societies. This special series of Forums, organized by the Miller Center in partnership with the Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation, brings together some of the nation’s leading scholars and practitioners around efforts to understand, contain, and remediate the impact of war, warfare, and violence. During spring 2013, these experts will address a range of topics from the restraint of war and the efficacy of postwar tribunals, to sources of terror in the modern world, the origins of unconventional war, and soldiers in the American imagination.

The Miller Center is grateful to the H.F. Guggenheim Foundation for its support of this series, and is particularly thankful for the vision and stewardship of Chairman Peter Lawson-Johnston and HFG President Josiah Bunting III.

The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation

The Harry Frank Guggenheim Foundation was established in 1971 and sponsors scholarly research on problems of violence, aggression, and dominance. The Foundation aims to foster thoughtful, scholarly and scientific research, experimentation, and analysis in order to generate lasting and innovative solu- tions to violence around the world.

Forums in Series

Kimberley L. Phillips

Soldiers in the American Imagination

Kimberley L. Phillips, January 24, 2013, 11:00AM

KIMBERLEY L. PHILLIPS is dean of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Brooklyn College. Her most recent book,… more →

Severine Autessere

Panel Discussion: Restraining the Toll of War and Violence

Severine Autessere, Geoffrey S. Corn, Andrew Gilbert, Ambassador David Scheffer, February 25, 2013, 6:00PM

This Forum brings together expertise in international law, humanitarian relief, diplomacy and military doctrine to explore the efficacy o… more →

Clark McCauley

Sources of Terror

Clark McCauley, March 4, 2013, 11:00AM

CLARK McCAULEY is professor of sciences and mathematics and co-director of the Solomon Asch Center for Study of Ethnopol… more →

Fredrik Logevall

Origins of the Era of Unconventional War

Fredrik Logevall, March 18, 2013, 11:00AM

FREDRIK LOGEVALL is professor of international studies at Cornell University and director of the Mario Einaudi Cent… more →

David Cunningham

Klansville, USA: the Rise and Fall of the Civil Rights-Era Ku Klux Klan

David Cunningham, April 15, 2013, 11:00AM

DAVID CUNNINGHAM is associate professor and chair of sociology at Brandeis University’s Social Justice & Socia… more →

John Fabian Witt

Lincoln’s Code: The Laws of War in American History

John Fabian Witt, April 29, 2013, 11:00AM

JOHN FABIAN WITT is professor of law at Yale Law School and author of Lincoln’s Code: The Laws of War in Ameri… more →