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About the Forums

The Miller Center Forum presents more than sixty speakers each year, drawn from high-ranking public officials and others involved in shaping public policy, from the academy, leading research institutions, and from journalists covering national and international events. Our speakers address a wide range of issues including the current political environment, national security concerns, American history topics, timely international relations issues, and an expansive public policy agenda that includes health care, immigration, energy security, and the environment, among many other themes. The Miller Center published a number of papers based on Forum topics—read more about those here.

As part of the Miller Center's mission, the Forum program allows for thoughtful reflection on issues of national importance to the governance of the United States. They offer a unique opportunity for speakers to engage in stimulating public policy discussions in a beautiful setting that encourages direct interaction between speaker and audience. Forums attract a large audience of faculty, students, and interested citizens.

Miller Center Forums are non-partisan, free, open to the public, and no reservations are required.

The Miller Center's Forum Room is modeled on the Virginia House of Burgesses and allows participants to fully engage in the dialogue. This approach, evocative of a time when speakers spoke directly to their audience, actively fosters personal engagement in our country's public affairs.

Miller Center Forums are webcast live. The programs are archived online approximately two weeks after their initial presentation. Past Forums are available via the archive link above.

Forum Series

The Miller Center Forum occasionally initiates a topic-focused forum series. Please click one of the links below to learn more about a series.

Contact Info

Douglas Blackmon, Chair of the Forum Program 
Tel: 202-758-3918 

Cristina Lopez-Gottardi Chao, PhD, Research Director for Public Programs
Tel: 434-924-4561

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