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The 2009 David R. Goode National Transportation Policy Conference: Report Publicity

Requests for Reports and Presentations by Organizations


  • National Grains Council meeting, Washington, DC-February 2011
  • Transportation Research Board’s Executive Committee meeting, Washington, DC- January 2011
  • Transportation Research Forum’s luncheon, Washington, DC-January 2011
  • “Road Gang” Presentation, Washington DC-December 2010
  • National Conference of State Legislatures transportation Committee, Phoenix, Arizona-November 2010
  • American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials Annual Meeting, Biloxi, MS- October 2010
  • Specialized Carriers and Riggings Associations
  • Senate Banking Committee


Press Coverage

January 31, 2012: Reimagining Transportation (National Journal Subscriber)

January 25, 2012: Long-term transportation funding likely to be delayed (Washington Post Local)

November 27, 2011: Editorial, 11/27: Bridge patches may need to last (

October 24, 2011: Infrastructure Spending: Civil Engineers to Public Officials - Maintain Bridges and Highways, Or Else (International Business Times)

October 24, 2011: America is Rotting From Within (

October 14, 2011: "'Gargantuan large' Investment in Infrastructure Needed, Experts Say" (The Washington Post)

July 5, 2011: "House GOP expected to ax transportation funds" (The Washington Post)

October 25, 2010: "Obama: Infrastructure a Top Priority" (National Journal)

October 12, 2010: Editorials (The Roanoke Times and The Oregonian)

October 11, 2010: “Obama Pushes Transportation Spending” (NY Times)

October 11, 2010: “Obama on infrastructure: 'We're already paying for our failure to act' ” (USA Today)

October 11, 2010: “Obama calls for $50 billion infrastructure initiative” (Washington Post)

October 11, 2010: “President Obama touts plan for roads” (Politico)

October 11, 2010: “Obama's $50 Billion Spending Plan to Boost Economy, Report Says” (Bloomberg)

October 11, 2010: “Obama reiterates need for infrastructure improvement” (International Business Times)

October 11, 2010: “President Obama Briefed on UVa Miller Center Report” (Newsplex)

October 11, 2010: “Sam Skinner returns to the White House for bi-partisan pitch on infrastructure” (Chicago Sun Times)

October 11, 2010: “Obama talks up public works as remedy for high joblessness” (Boston Globe)

October 11, 2010: "America Requires New Vision" (Virginia's Hampton Roads)

October 11, 2010: "The Miller Center Proposes a New Transportation Agenda" (Innovation NewsBriefs)

October 6, 2010: "Miles Not Gallons Could Be Key to Road Upkeep" (Miller-McCune)

October 5, 2010: Greater Greater Washington (Blog)

October 4, 2010: "Failing U.S. Transportation System Will Imperil Prosperity, Report Finds" (The Washington Post)

October 4, 2010: "Transportation in Trouble" (The Washington Post, Dr. Gridlock Blog)

October 4, 2010: The Washington Post’s “Wonkbook” Blog

October 4, 2010: "Miller Center, Former DOT Secretaries Release Plan to Fix Transportation" (The News Leader)

October 4, 2010: "Report: Tax Drivers By the Mile" (The Daily Progress)

October 4, 2010: The Northern Virginia Transportation Alliance

October 4, 2010: "From the Headlines: Transportation Trauma" (WHRV-FM, Hampton Roads: Radio interview with Jeff Shane)

October 4, 2010: "The Problem With Problems (and Infrastructure as a Case in Point)" (Understanding Government)

October 4, 2010: "We’re Falling Behind in the Infrastructure Race" (Our Failing Infrastructure, Official Blog of the American Society of Civil Engineers)

October 4, 2010: "Our Crumbling Transportation Systems Will Affect Prosperity, Report Says" (Alt Transport)

December 5, 2009: "The Selling of Transportation Reform" (Innovation News Briefs)

October 3, 2009: "Transportation Policies Have Miles to Go and Not Much Time" (Washington Post)

September 17, 2009: "Legislation for a 21st Century Transportation System Doesn't Come Easy" (New York Times)

September 17, 2009: "Reconsidering the Current Paradigm: Notes from the Miller Center Transportation Conference" (Innovation News Briefs)

September 10, 2009: "Consensus on National Transport Goals Still Eludes Industry Pros" (

September 10, 2009: "The 'Movie Ticket' Theory of Transportation Pricing" (

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