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Milstein Symposium Press Coverage

Wilkes-Barr Times Leader (Mar. 6): COMMENTARY: Michael A. McDowell Admires Hispanics for Optimism

The Washington Post (Mar. 1): For More People, the American Dream Doesn't Include a Home of Their Own

The Daily Progress (Feb. 5): Commission: Skilled Manufacturing Key to Bolstering Middle Class

IndustryWeek (Feb. 5): Barbour, Bayh Offer "Practical Ideas" to Help Manufacturing SMEs

Dayton Times (Dec. 5): The American Dream Lives! But...

Atlanta Daily World (Dec. 4): The American Dream Lives! But…

Live Trading News (Nov. 29): Americans Unhappy About Economy, Fear Losing Jobs

Moneynews (Nov. 29): Washington Post Poll: Fear of Job Loss at Record Levels

Deseret News (Nov. 27): Anxiety of Job Loss Plagues 6 of 10, New Survey Finds

Sunshine State News (Nov. 27): 62% Fear Job Loss Due to Economy (Nov. 26): Poll: Unprecedented Anxiety over Jobs

Washington Business Journal (Nov. 26): Poll Finds Unprecedented Job, Economic Anxieties Among Americans

The Washington Post (Nov. 25): Among American Workers, Poll Finds Unprecedented Anxiety About Jobs, Economy

Lynchburg News & Advance (Oct. 25): New Commission Will Focus on Manufacturing Jobs

The Daily Progress (Oct. 24): Miller Center Commission to Include Former Governors of Mississippi, Michigan Blog (Oct. 21): A Lifetime of Hard Work is the New American Dream

The Richmond Times Dispatch (Oct. 19): For Many, American Dream Fades As Certainty

The Daily Progress (Oct. 6): Who is Trusted? Poll Says Not D.C.

The Cavalier Daily (Oct. 6): Only in Dreams: The Idea of an “American Dream” Has Lost Its Relevance to Most Americans

The Washington Post (Oct. 5): In Battle for Middle Class, All of Washington is Losing

The Cavalier Daily (Oct.2): Miller Center, Washington Post Discuss American Dream

The Washington Post (Oct. 1): Fewer People View Higher Education as Part of the "American Dream"

The Washington Post (Oct. 1): Post-Miller Center Poll: American Dream and Economic Struggles

Cavalier Daily (Sept. 30): Miller Center, Washington Post Investigate American Dream

WJLA (Sept. 29): American Dream Becoming More Elusive, Reports Washington Post

The Washington Post (Sept. 28): American Dream Poll: Methodology of Washington Post-Miller Center survey

The Washington Post (Sept. 28): More People Express Uncertainty in Chance to Achieve American Dream

The Daily Progress (Sept. 25): Miller Center to Hold Town Hall on Shrinking Middle Class


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