Miller Center

The Vietnam War

Sonja Dickerson, Salem M.S. (Virginia Beach, VA)
Beverly Weddle, Independence M.S (Virginia Beach, VA)

General Topic

The Vietnam War

Specific Topic

Events that shape perspectives

Virginia Standards of Learning

Describe the causes of American involvement in Vietnam. (USII.7c) Describe the policies of the Nixon administration toward the conduct of the Vietnam War and protests at home. (USII.7c) Describe the differing points of view regarding American involvement in Vietnam. (USII.7c)


Students will:

  • Define and apply selected vocabulary related to the Vietnam Era
  • Describe American involvement in the Vietnam War from 1954-64.
  • Describe American involvement in Vietnam after 1964
  • Compare and Contrast how the Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson and Nixon Administrations dealt with the challenges of the Vietnam War.
  • Prepare a quilt panel to demonstrate analysis of the Administrations.
  • Activity

Historical Context

Students should keep in mind that in an effort to stop communism in Southeast Asia, the United States was engaged in the wars for Vietnam, in one way or another, for a quarter of a century. This classroom activity allows students to identify key events, develop historical empathy, and decide how to convey these ideas and concepts to other members of the class.




The student essay, which concludes the activity, will be assessed according to a Vietnam writing rubric.