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American Forum - The President and the role of Diplomacy: The Middle East and Central America

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, Ambassador Sol Linowitz
May 2, 1983
12:00AM (EDT)

Ambassador Sol Linowitz
Ambassador Sol Linowitz

Ambassador Sol Linowitz, a Cornell Law School graduate, served as a Special Negotiator in the Middle East from 1979 to 1981, as ambassador to the Organization of American States in the late 60s, and as co-negotiator of the Panama Canal Treaties. In this special forum held at Monticello, ambassador Linowitz gives thorough insight into the Middle East, discussing the Palestinian problem, the failure of the Arab states?with the exception of Egypt?to recognize the state of Israel, the Camp David Peace Process and its three major components, the role of the US in the Middle East, and Lebanon. In the question and answer section, ambassador Linowitz addresses the issues of what the US can offer to the Middle East countries, Syria, the political situation of Israel with an emphasis on the Labor Party, and the role of the Soviet Union in the Middle East. He concludes with an assessment of Central America and the role the US should assume in the region, drawing comparisons with the Middle East and determining the three kinds of security concerns the US has in Latin America.

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