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Frank Pace
April 27, 1983
12:00AM (EDT)

Frank Pace
Frank Pace

Frank Pace, former Deputy Director of the Budget and later Secretary of the Army under President Truman, comments on the character and legacy of Harry Truman. Mr. Pace claims that one of Truman?s strengths was his ability to say very complicated things in very simple terms in order for the ordinary person to understand. He also mentions Truman?s overwhelming pride and love of the Oval Office, which enabled him to deal well with his intellectual superiors. Likewise, he states that Truman surrounded himself with great men and, although he was not deeply educated, he was a man with great courage. Furthermore, Mr. Pace talks about the Korean War, President Truman?s relationship with General MacArthur, and the Marshall Plan. In the question and answer section, Mr. Pace addresses the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Hiroshima to end World War II, Truman?s low popular support throughout his presidency, his role in the birth of Israel, and his relationship with President Eisenhower, whom he hoped would run on the Democratic ticket.

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