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American Forum - The Scripps Library at the Miller Center: The Digital Library of the Modern American Presidency

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Mike Greco
March 15, 2005
12:00AM - 12:00AM (EST)

Mike Greco
Mike Greco

Michael Greco joined the faculty of the Miller Center in March 2002, determined to create a digital library filled with content that will be available worldwide. At the Scripps Library, Greco is digitizing Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon presidential recordings and documents currently available only from the National Archives. At present, researchers must travel around the country to individual presidential libraries and universities to do thorough research on the presidency. The library Greco is building will bring together, under one electronic roof, documents, sound, and video from myriad sources?fully integrated?thus “unlocking their full value” for scholars. Before coming to the Miller Center, Michael Greco was an archivist at the United States Mint. He holds masters degrees in library science (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill), and public history and English (North Carolina State University).

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