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Judicial Selection

Cutler Conference

John C Jeffries
November 10, 2006 - December 13, 1901

John C Jeffries
John C Jeffries

The Counsels' influence on legal policy is strongly felt through their role in judicial selection. Though the Department of Justice plays a central role in the staffing of the federal bench, over the past several decades final responsibility for judicial selection has shifted to the Counsel's office. This panel explored the developing role of the White House Counsel in judicial selection.


  • Eleanor D. Acheson, Clinton Assistant Attorney General for Office of Legal Policy
  • Robert Lipshutz, Carter White House Counsel
  • David G. Leitch, Bush (43) Deputy White House Counsel
  • Michael J. Egan, Carter Associate Attorney General
  • C. Boyden Gray, Bush (41) White House Counsel


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