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Michael Joseph Smith
December 8, 2008
11:00AM (EST)

Michael Joseph Smith
Michael Joseph Smith

MICHAEL JOSEPH SMITH has written extensively on the ethical dilemmas raised by contemporary international politics, most recently contributing to the United Nations International Commission on Sovereignty and Intervention. He is the Thomas C. Sorenson Professor of Political and Social Thought and Associate Professor of Politics at U.Va. He has taught as an Assistant Professor of Government and Social Studies at Harvard, and came to U.Va. in 1986, where he currently directs the interdisciplinary, undergraduate program in Political and Social Thought. Smith teaches courses on human rights, political thought, and ethics and international relations, and won the All-University Teaching Award in 2002. He is the author of Realist Thought from Weber to Kissinger (Louisiana State University Press, 1986), and co-author and co-editor (with Linda B. Miller) of Ideas and Ideals: Essays on Politics in Honor of Stanley Hoffman (Westview Press, 1993).

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