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Examining The National Purposes Of American Higher Education: A Leadership Approach To Policy Reform

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Group Sessions
June 9, 2008
2:30PM - 2:30PM (EDT)

Group Sessions
Group Sessions

2:30 PM

Group Leaders/Discussion Facilitators: Awaiting Confirmations

Much of the discussion about higher education over the last couple of years has centered on increased accountability, affordability, student learning outcomes, international competition, research and innovation, and college preparation. Policymakers and the general public look with heightened skepticism at higher education's overall performance while maintaining respect for individual institutions. And, across the country, we are seeing another phase of budget shortfalls at the state level, creating additional financial stress on the sector as it is asked to serve a rapidly changing student population.

With these challenges confronting American public higher education, we ask each group to address the following three (3) questions with an eye toward specific recommendations for action that may be included in a final meeting report:

1. How can governors, legislators, governing boards, and higher education executives effectively work together to implement a state public agenda that includes benchmark measures for education performance and improvement?

2. How can state policymakers and higher education work together to strengthen governance and institution and system leadership as we seek to meet the needs of people and their communities within each state?

3. What other policy changes could states consider that would strengthen the partnership between higher education and other state services, and advance the public agenda?

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