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A Conversation with Robert Zoellick

When Walls Came Down: Berlin, 9/11 and U.S. Strategy in Uncertain Times

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Robert Zoellick
October 25, 2009
6:00PM - 7:30PM (EDT)

Robert Zoellick
Robert Zoellick

ROBERT ZOELLICK served as U.S. Deputy Secretary of State from 2005-2006 and the U.S. Trade Representative from 2001-2005. He held various positions at the Department of the Treasury under Secretary James A. Baker, III, and was Under Secretary of State for Economic and Agricultural Affairs and White House Deputy Chief of Staff under George H.W. Bush. He served from 1993-1997 as Executive Vice President of Fannie Mae and from 2006-2007 as Vice Chairman, International of the Goldman Sachs Group, and Managing Director and Chairman of Goldman Sach’s Board of International Advisors.  He became the 11th president of the World Bank Group in 2007.

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