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Colloquium - The Credit/Welfare State Trade Off: A Demand-side Theory of Comparative Political Economy

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Monica Prasad
April 1, 2011
12:30PM - 2:00PM (EDT)

Monica Prasad
Monica Prasad

MONICA PRASAD is Associate Professor of Sociology at Northwestern University. Prasad studies how societies create and regulate markets, beginning with the state regulations of the Progressive Era up to the fair trade and carbon taxes of today. She is the author of The Politics of Free Markets, the 2007 winner of the Barrington Moore Book Award, which investigates why the movement to minimize government regulation of markets – “neoliberalism” – was so much stronger in the U.S. and Britain than in West France and Germany. Prasad’s current projects include an edited volume on the sociology of taxation; research on the origins of progressive taxation in America; a comparative study of tax progressivity; and a comparative historical investigation of carbon taxes. RSVP required by noon on Wednesday, March 30 to 434.243.8726 or

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