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American Forum - Equal Justice? Part 2

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Bryan Stevenson
March 19, 2016
4:00PM - 5:00PM (EDT)

Bryan Stevenson
Bryan Stevenson

PBS World Channel National Broadcast: Virginia, July 31, 2016/Nationally, August 3, 2016

Bryan Stevenson, author of Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption, is executive director of Equal Justice Initiative and a widely acclaimed public interest lawyer who has dedicated his career to helping the poor, the incarcerated, and the condemned. He is a graduate of Harvard Law School and the Harvard School of Government, and has been awarded 21 honorary doctorate degrees.Stevenson’s work fighting poverty and challenging racial discrimination in the criminal justice system has won him numerous awards, including the ABA Wisdom Award for Public Service, the MacArthur Foundation Fellowship Award Prize, the Olaf Palme International Prize, the ACLU National Medal Of Liberty, the National Public Interest Lawyer of the Year Award, the Gruber Prize for International Justice, and the Ford Foundation Visionaries Award. Photo Credit: Nina Subin

This event is part of…

What Now? Dialogues on Race in America: This series of American Forum episodes explores both historical and current race-related issues that have troubled the nation.

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