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5/7/2004 Manuscript Review of Stephen Skowronek and Karen Orren’s The Search for American Political Developme
Professor Brian Balogh, Richard Bensel, Elisabeth Clemens, Stephen Skowronek

5/7/2004 The Political Economy of Food and Population - 11:45-1:15 p.m.
Michael Bernstein, Derek Hoff, Shelley Hurt, Ronnie Lipschutz

5/7/2004 Politics and Policy of Immigrant Entry and Mobility - 10:00-11:30 a.m.
Rebecca Bohrman, Alethia Jones, Mark Stern, Daniel Tichenor

5/6/2004 A Time of Our Choosing: America’s War in Iraq - American Forum
Todd Purdum

5/4/2004 Iraq and WMD: Lessons Learned and Unlearned - American Forum
David A Kay

4/28/2004 The Long and Winding Road to the Presidential Election - American Forum
Andrew Kohut

4/27/2004 The Concept and Practice of Jihad in Islam - American Forum
Michael G Knapp

4/23/2004 Experiences from Two Fronts: Normandy and Baghdad - American Forum
Hon. Mortimer M. Caplin, Walter Slocombe

4/22/2004 A Conversation about College and Professional Sports - American Forum
James Brown and Howie Long

4/16/2004 Report from Washington - American Forum
Seymour Hersh and Kenneth Pollack

4/6/2004 Reagan’s Faith and the Cold War - American Forum
Paul Kengor

4/5/2004 U.S.-China Relations - American Forum
Yang Jiechi

4/2/2004 An Iraq Retrospective - American Forum
Adm. William J. Crowe

3/31/2004 Overview of the 2004 Legislative Session - American Forum
Timothy M Kaine

3/29/2004 The Medicare Modernization Act: Six Contentious Questions - American Forum
Robert D Reischauer

3/27/2004 Act of Creation: The Founding of the United Nations - American Forum
Stephen Schlesinger

3/26/2004 Power and Purpose: U.S. Policy toward Russia after the Cold War - American Forum
James M Goldgeier

3/26/2004 The Known World - American Forum
Edward P Jones

3/23/2004 Intervention vs. Non-Intervention: Lessons from the Past - American Forum
William David Clinton

3/15/2004 Women in the CIA: Problems and Prospects - American Forum
Lindsay Moran Kegley

3/8/2004 Community Planning for an Aging Society - American Forum
Gordon Walker, Harrison B. Rue, Richard W. Lindsay

2/26/2004 Covering Intelligence Before, During, and After the Iraq War - American Forum
Walter Pincus

2/20/2004 Ethical Challenges in the “War” on Terrorism - American Forum
Joel H Rosenthal

2/18/2004 Energy Policy and Its Politics - American Forum
Prof. Matthew Holden

2/12/2004 Prospects for Free Trade - American Forum

2/9/2004 Tour of Duty: John Kerry and the Vietnam War - American Forum
Douglas Brinkley

1/16/2004 The Politics of Race and War: The Civil Rights and Vietnam Tapes of Kennedy and Johnson - American Forum
David Coleman and Kent Germany

12/19/2003 Of Love and War: Roosevelt, Churchill and the Way We Live Now - American Forum
Jon B Meacham

12/19/2003 Did Iraq Try to Reach Last-Minute Settlement? - American Forum
James Risen

12/16/2003 House Democrats under Republican Rule - American Forum
David E Price

12/12/2003 Bearing Our Burdens Honorably: Hospice and Humanity - American Forum
Thomas Lynch

12/10/2003 An Update on the Middle East - American Forum
Robert H. Pelletreau and Edmund Ghareeb

12/8/2003 Physician-Assisted Suicide and the Judicial Process - American Forum
Timothy Quill

12/6/2003 Civil Liberties in Times of Stress: The American Patriot Act, Its Precedents, and Their Consequences - American Forum
Charles W McCurdy, Oren Gross, Kenneth W Starr

12/4/2003 Alzheimer’s: Disease of Mass Destruction - American Forum
Sheldon Goldberg

12/3/2003 The Pursuit of Happiness in Times of War - American Forum
Carl Cannon

12/1/2003 Faith of Our Fathers: What America’s Founders Really Believed - American Forum
Prof. Alf J. Mapp

11/19/2003 President William McKinley: The Case for his Historical Importance - American Forum
Kevin Phillips

11/17/2003 American Empire: The Realities and Consequences - American Forum
Andrew J. Bacevich

11/12/2003 Private Philanthropy in the United States - American Forum
Andrew Morris

11/10/2003 Afghanistan and Indonesia: What is the Threat? - American Forum
John Echeverri-Gent and Jeffrey Winters

11/7/2003 North Korea, Iran, and Beyond: Where in the World Are We? - American Forum
Wendy R Sherman

11/3/2003 Where does Medicare Go from Here? - American Forum
Robert Hayes and Marilyn Moon, Marilyn Moon, Robert Hayes

10/31/2003 Social Capital: A Conceptual Theory
James Farr

10/30/2003 Kennedy, Johnson, and the Quest for Justice - American Forum
Jonathan Rosenberg

10/27/2003 The Values of Long Term Care - American Forum
Mark E Williams

10/24/2003 The Serenity Prayer: The Life and Work of its Author and Friends - American Forum
Elisabeth Sifton

10/21/2003 Incivility in Public Life - American Forum
William P Hobby

10/20/2003 Collaborative Solutions to Improving End-of-Life Care - American Forum
Patricia Bomba

10/17/2003 Is Arab-Israeli Peace Possible? - American Forum
Aaron David Miller

10/10/2003 Getting There—Getting Started: Campaigning and Governing - American Forum
Gov. A. Linwood Holton

10/6/2003 Taking Stock in the Middle East: Six Months after the Fall of Baghdad - American Forum
William B Quandt

9/30/2003 Summary - 5:45-6:30 p.m.
Paul Herrnson, Ray La Raja

9/30/2003 Coping with BCRA - 3:00-5:30 p.m.
Michael J Malbin, Peter Overby, Gloria Totten

9/30/2003 Freedom of Speech and American Democracy - 12:15-2:45 p.m.
Robert Kelner, Spencer Overton, Roger Witten

9/30/2003 Political Parties, Interest Groups, and American Democracy - 12:15-2:45 p.m.
Professor Brian Balogh, Anthony Corrado, Thomas Mann, Sidney M. Milkis

9/29/2003 Ensuring the Continuity of Government in an Age of Terrorism - American Forum
Thomas E Mann

9/26/2003 Harry Truman and Civil Rights: Moral Courage and Political Risks. - American Forum
Michael R Gardner

9/15/2003 Exploring Global Fundamentalism - American Forum
James D Hunter

9/10/2003 Why You Can’t Trust the Social Security Trust Fund - American Forum
Allan Sloan

8/29/2003 Reflections on Iraq - American Forum
David D. Newsom

7/23/2003 America’s Challenge in the Post-Hussein Era - American Forum
Dr. Joseph J. Sisco

7/21/2003 Helping Patients with Chronic Illness: A Generalist Perspective - American Forum
John D Gazewood

7/14/2003 The Emergence of the Communist Monolith - American Forum
Marc Selverstone

7/9/2003 Looking Forward: Can the U.S. Shape a “New” Iraq? - American Forum
Phebe Marr

7/7/2003 War, Presidents, and Public Opinion - American Forum
Paul Freedman

7/1/2003 The Relations between the U.S. and France in a World Transformed - American Forum
Jean-David Levitte

6/25/2003 Iran, Iraq, and Democracy: A Cultural Perspective - American Forum
Nesta Ramazani and Ruhi Ramazani

6/23/2003 Lessons Learned from September 11th - American Forum
Eleanor Hill

6/19/2003 Democracy by Decree - American Forum
Ross Sandler

6/6/2003 Let’s Get Rid of the Word “Retirement” - American Forum
Edgar M Bronfman

5/30/2003 Faith-Based Diplomacy: Trumping Realpolitik - American Forum
Douglas Johnston

5/28/2003 The New Stagnation: Why This Economic Recovery is Different - American Forum
Robert J Samuelson

5/23/2003 Welfare Reform Revisited - American Forum
R. Kent Weaver

5/19/2003 Seeking Strategic Success After War in Iraq - American Forum
Lt. Col. Dale R. Davis

5/16/2003 President Bush and the War and the Economy - American Forum
Jeanne Cummings

5/14/2003 The Founders’ Federalism and Ours - American Forum
Michael S Greve

5/5/2003 Threats and Opportunities on the Korean Peninsula - American Forum
Donald P Gregg

5/2/2003 Bush at War - American Forum
Bob Woodward

4/30/2003 Space Shuttle: Some Larger Questions - American Forum
Arnold Frutkin

4/25/2003 The Middle East after Saddam - American Forum
William B Quandt

4/23/2003 Islam, Muslims and Terrorism - American Forum
Prof. Farhang D. Rajaee

4/21/2003 States, Cities, Feds and Reality - American Forum
Alan Ehrenhalt

4/18/2003 Conflict Resolution or Reconciliation - American Forum

4/14/2003 The Politics of Presidential Appointment of Judges - American Forum
Harold Tyler and Fred Fielding

4/11/2003 21st Century Medicine: Future Science - American Forum
R. Edward Howell

4/7/2003 Turkey in Transition: Implications for U.S. Policy - American Forum
Sabri Sayari

4/4/2003 Religion and American Foreign Policy after 9/11 - American Forum
David Little

4/1/2003 Islam and U.S. Policy Post 9/11 - American Forum
John L Esposito

3/28/2003 The Korean Peninsula: Where Do We Go From Here? - American Forum
Donald Oberdorfer

3/26/2003 Aging Well Into the 21st Century - American Forum
Mark E Williams

3/19/2003 The Crisis in the Roman Catholic Church - American Forum
Gustav Niebuhr

3/12/2003 Covering the Medically Uninsured: Issues and Answers - American Forum
Carolyn Engelhard, Mark Cruise, Jon Nafziger, Scott Syverud

3/10/2003 Washington Overview - American Forum
Robert Novak

3/5/2003 Misunderestimating Bush: How the President Confounds the Elites - American Forum
David Von Drehle

3/3/2003 U.S.-Polish Relations at the Beginning of the 21st Century - American Forum
Dariusz Wisniewski

2/21/2003 A Faltering World War on Terrorism - American Forum
John Hall

2/14/2003 Cultural Diplomacy: The Long View - American Forum
Richard Arndt

2/5/2003 Transnational Terrorism Can We Be Safe Again? - American Forum
Mansoor Nelson Ijaz

2/3/2003 Iraq’s Nuclear Crisis: A Briefing - American Forum
David Albright

1/26/2003 Commonwealth Preparedness in Virginia - American Forum
John H Hager

1/24/2003 End of the Cold War: Embolding the Freedom Fighters - American Forum
John Lenczoski

1/21/2003 Reporting the New News: American Journalism Under Fire - American Forum
Frank Sesno

1/13/2003 Groupthink or Deadlock: Lessons from Recent Administrations - American Forum
Paul Kowert

12/16/2002 After NATO Enlargement: What Next? - American Forum
Zbigniew Brzezinski

12/13/2002 Why Improving Reproductive Health is Key to Human Progress - American Forum
Sara A. Siems and Susan A. Cohen

12/9/2002 Tense Commandments: Federal Prescriptions and City Problems - American Forum
Pietro S Nivola

11/25/2002 Reorganizing Homeland Security: A Historical Perspective - American Forum
Professor Brian Balogh

11/22/2002 American Security in the 21st Century: Cooperation or Confrontation - American Forum
Adm. Eugene J. Carroll

11/13/2002 Fixing the Ethics Crisis in Corporate America - American Forum
R. Edward Freeman

11/2/2002 National Security in Changing Times - American Forum
Adm. William J. Crowe

10/30/2002 The New U.S. Policy of Pre-emption - American Forum
Dale C Copeland

10/24/2002 Homeland Security: Challenges and Prospects Ahead - American Forum
Richard A Falkenrath

10/21/2002 The Current Foreign Aide Debate: Can Aid Be Effective? - American Forum
Carol J Lancaster

10/16/2002 Israel and Palestine: The Continuing Crisis - American Forum
Helena Cobban

10/14/2002 Is There a Moral Crisis? - American Forum
James Childress, Hugh Heclo, Robert Litan, Martha Derthick

10/11/2002 The New National Security Strategy of the United States - American Forum
Philip Zelikow

9/30/2002 Challenges to Capitalism: The Role of Government - American Forum
Alice Rivlin

9/27/2002 Organizing for Homeland Security - American Forum
I.M. Destler

9/24/2002 American Foreign Policy: Past and Present - American Forum
Brent Scowcroft, Lawrence S Eagleburger

9/23/2002 Rededication ceremony for the Miller Center’s Faulkner House and new Thompson Pavilion - American Forum
President Jimmy Carter, Mark Warner, Philip Zelikow

9/16/2002 A Natural Politician: The Presidency of Bill Clinton - American Forum
Joe Klein

9/13/2002 The Warsaw Uprising of 1944 - American Forum
Wenceslas Joseph Wagner and Julian Kulskl

9/11/2002 September 11: Has it Changed U.S. Diplomacy in Asia and Europe? - American Forum
David Newsom and Marshall Brement

8/30/2002 Beyond Riots: The Urban Crisis in the South - American Forum
Kent Germany

8/23/2002 South Asian Security: A Pakistan Perspective - American Forum
Feroz Hassan Khan

8/12/2002 The American Policy Dilemma in Iraq - American Forum
Richard L Russell

8/7/2002 War Against Terrorism: Forgotten Lessons from the Cold War - American Forum
Prof. Norman A Graebner

8/1/2002 Trade and Economic Development: A Long-term Perspective - American Forum
Herman Schwartz

7/29/2002 Nuclear Policy in the Bush Administration - American Forum
Dr Janne Nolan

7/24/2002 The Role of Marriage in the Presidency - American Forum
Kati Marton

7/15/2002 World Politics after September 11: A Clash of Civilizations - American Forum
Francis Fukuyama

7/10/2002 What Works in Central Asia? - American Forum
Charles William Maynes

6/26/2002 Transforming Under Fire: War and Army Transformation - American Forum
Douglas McGregor

6/24/2002 The Challenge of Diplomacy in an Age of Terrorism - American Forum
Robert B Oakley

6/21/2002 Between Jihad and Salaam - American Forum
Joyce M Davis

6/19/2002 Organizing for War Without End: Lessons from the Cold War - American Forum
Anna K Nelson

6/13/2002 The Present and Future of the Transatlantic Relationship - American Forum
Guenter Burghardt

6/10/2002 Energy Policy: A Perespective of Thirty Years - American Forum
Prof. Matthew Holden

6/3/2002 A Presidential Recordings Project Report - American Forum

5/23/2002 The Challenge of Fighting Terrorism - American Forum
Lee H Hamilton

5/20/2002 Israel and Palestine: Tribal Drums, Tribal Guns - American Forum
Mark Rosenblum

5/17/2002 How George W. Bush Found His Voice - American Forum
Carl Cannon

5/13/2002 Injuries, Insurance, and Injustice for All - American Forum
Jeffrey O'Connell

4/30/2002 Reviewing the Dangerous New World: International and Domestic - American Forum
Paul Duke, Jack Nelson, Haynes Johnson, Hedrick Smith

4/26/2002 A Conversation with Dan Balz and Bob Woodward - American Forum
Dan Balz and Bob Woodward

4/25/2002 Thinking Strategically About Middle East Peace - American Forum
William B Quandt

4/19/2002 Federalism and Terrorism - American Forum
Prof. Martha Derthick

4/10/2002 The Wit and Wisdom of Mark Shields - American Forum
Mark Shields

4/5/2002 Causes and Consequences of Legislative Gridlock - American Forum
Sarah Binder

4/2/2002 The China Threat and Its Implications for U.S. Policy - American Forum
Robert L. Suettinger and Robert Sutter

3/29/2002 Strategic Foreign Policy Options in the War Against Terrorism - American Forum
Marshall Brement

3/22/2002 Trumpets and Tumults: The Memoirs of a Peacekeeper - American Forum
Maj. Gen. Indar Jit Rikhye with David Newsom and Inis Claude

3/21/2002 A Grand Delusion: America’s Descent into Vietnam - American Forum
Robert Mann

3/20/2002 Lincoln’s Virtues - American Forum
William Lee Miller

3/20/2002 Founding Fathers - American Forum
Stephen Knott, William Lee Miller

3/15/2002 Terrorism and U.S. Foreign Policy - American Forum
Paul R Pillar

3/11/2002 Axis of Evil: Iran, Iraq, and North Korea - American Forum
David E Sanger

3/8/2002 How Should an Unrivalled Superpower Behave? - American Forum
Donald Nuechterlein and John Woodworth

3/1/2002 The Presidency and the Power of the Purchaser - American Forum
Daniel P Gitterman

2/25/2002 Turkish Foreign Policy: Afghanistan and Beyond - American Forum
George Harris

2/20/2002 Intelligence in the War on Terrrorism—Is HUMINT the Answer? - American Forum
Robert T. Osterthaler and John D. Thomas

2/14/2002 Advise and Consent: Partisan Wars of the Judicial Appointment Process - American Forum
Henry Abraham, Robert O'Neil, Barbara Perry

2/1/2002 India-Pakistan: Nuclear Dimensions of the Current Crisis - American Forum
George Perkovich

1/28/2002 Pakistan’s Future and the Nuclear Problem - American Forum
Michael Krepon

1/25/2002 Why American Primacy Persists - American Forum
John M. Owen

1/24/2002 Four Presidential Traditions and the War Against Terrorism - American Forum
Walter R Mead

1/23/2002 Turkey, America, and the World After September 11 - American Forum
Mark R Parris

12/14/2001 International War Crimes Tribunals: Do They Work? - American Forum
Nina Bang-Jensen

12/12/2001 Terrorism: The War and the Press - American Forum
John Hall

12/3/2001 No Peace, No Honor: Nixon, Kissinger, and Betrayl in Vietnam - American Forum
Larry Berman

11/30/2001 Bowling Alone? U.S. Nuclear Non-Proliferation Policy - American Forum
Dr. John R Redick

11/26/2001 National Security and the George W. Bush Administration - American Forum
Adm. William J. Crowe

11/19/2001 Bush and the Congress - American Forum
Prof. James A. Thurber

11/18/2001 Germs: Biological Weapons and America’s Secret War - American Forum
Judith Miller

11/16/2001 Rethinking the Nixon Presidency - American Forum
Bruce Schulman

11/14/2001 Art in the Service of History, Patriotism, and Policy - American Forum
Keith Ferris

11/6/2001 Are People Finally Getting Serious about Reforming Government - American Forum
Charles Peters

11/5/2001 Poland: The First 20 Years - American Forum
John R. Davis

10/31/2001 Mao’s China and the Cold War - American Forum
Chen Jian

10/30/2001 Lincoln’s Character and Presidential Leadership - American Forum
Philip C Stone

10/26/2001 The Divided Welfare State - American Forum
Jacob S Hacker

10/22/2001 Poland in the Changing World - American Forum
Wojciech Roszkowski

10/19/2001 Tragedy of International History - American Forum
Donald Puchala

10/15/2001 The Government in Transition—A Work in Progress - American Forum
William H Webster

10/8/2001 The Political Relevance of Reinhold Niebuhr - American Forum
Langdon Gilkey

10/4/2001 A Realist Perspective on the War Crimes Tribunal - American Forum
Alfred P Rubin

10/1/2001 Prospects for Going from the Battlefield to the Negotiating Table - American Forum
Mark Rosenblum

9/28/2001 Milosevic at the Hague - American Forum
Dusko Doder

9/24/2001 Journalism Responds to Terrorism - American Forum
Anita Shelburne

9/21/2001 Terrorism and America’s New War - American Forum
Philip Zelikow

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