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5/9/1980 - Four Virginia Historians on Their Presidents (American Forum)
Prof. Norman A Graebner

4/24/1980 - Presidential Press Conference (American Forum)

4/18/1980 - Reassessment of Eisenhower (American Forum)
Fred I Greenstein

4/10/1980 - The President and Political Leadership (American Forum)
Jack Valenti

4/2/1980 - The Campaign and the President (American Forum)
Charles McDowell

3/26/1980 - Presidential Press Conference (American Forum)

3/20/1980 - The Institutionalized Presidency (NAPA/MCPA Roundtable) (American Forum)

2/11/1980 - The Presidency and Congress (American Forum)
Hugh Scott

2/4/1980 - The President and the Secretary of State and Foreign Policy in the 1980s (American Forum)
Secretary Dean Rusk

2/1/1980 - Regulatory Reform (American Forum)
Richard E Neustadt

1/28/1980 - The President as Communicator (American Forum)
Thomas Reston

1/13/1980 - The Congress and the Presidency, (NAPA/MCPA Roundtable) (American Forum)

12/1/1979 - The President and Diplomacy: The Ambassador (American Forum)
Ambassador Herman F Eilts

11/15/1979 - The Heritage of an Isolationist Tradition (American Forum)
Louis J Halle

11/9/1979 - The President and the Cabinet (American Forum)
Clifford Hardin

10/29/1979 - The President and Policy-making: The Middle East (American Forum)
Najeeb Halaby

10/26/1979 - The President and Communications: The Media and the Political Process (American Forum)
Sander Vanocur

10/22/1979 - Publishing in Academia (American Forum)
Ed Barber

10/19/1979 - Rhetoric Project (American Forum)
Jeff Fishel

9/3/1979 - Rhetoric Project (American Forum)
Ben Page

4/25/1979 - Presidential Speechmaking (American Forum)
Steven Hess

4/7/1979 - The Presidential Press Conference (American Forum)
Ray Scherer

3/1/1979 - Presidential Speechmaking (American Forum)
James Fallows

4/20/1978 - Taft’s Conception of the Powers of the Presidency (American Forum)
Peter Schultz

3/23/1978 - Research on the Presidency: Where Do We Go From Here? (American Forum)
Hugh Heclo

2/10/1978 - Legislative Veto: Constitutional and Political Issues (American Forum)

1/26/1978 - Ambivalence of Executive Power (American Forum)
Harvey Mansfield

11/17/1977 - Presidential Rhetoric and Speechmaking (American Forum)
Glen Thurow

10/26/1977 - The Nature and the Extent of the President’s War Powers (American Forum)
Robert Scigliano

6/15/1977 - Ethics and Foreign Policy (American Forum)
Ebed Soedjatmoko

4/23/1977 - The Ford White House (American Forum)

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