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About the Fellowship Program

The Miller Center Fellowship program funds scholars completing dissertations that employ history to shed light on American politics and public policy, foreign relations and the impact of global affairs on the United States, media and politics, and the role of the presidency in shaping American political development. In academic year 2016-2017 the program will fund up to ten fellowships to support one year of dissertation research and writing.  Each fellow, with the exception of the Charles W. McCurdy Legal History Fellow and the Hagley/Miller Center Fellow in Business and Politics, will receive a stipend of $22,000. (The McCurdy Fellow will receive a stipend of $32,000 and the Business and Politics Fellows will receive a stipend of $24,000).

Along with the fellowship grant, the Miller Center assists the fellow in choosing a senior scholar from their field to serve as fellowship "mentor." This mentor will suggest relevant literature to frame the project, read the fellow's work, and give general advice on research. Fellows are also trained in bringing their scholarship to bear on public debates and formally present their scholarly work. Fellows attend the annual spring fellowship conference at the Miller Center which brings the fellows, their mentors, and the Miller Center and U.Va. community together to critique the fellows' dissertation work.

Since 2000, the Miller Center National Fellowship program has helped launch the careers of more than 134 scholars. Eighty former fellows now teach at major universities, with seventy of them holding tenure or tenure-track positions. Fellows have published 50 books with major presses, and they regularly place op-eds related to their research in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, and other media. 

Designated Fellowships

The Miller Center is pleased to offer three designated fellowships for the 2015-2016 academic year: the Charles W. McCurdy Fellowship in Legal History, the Miller Center/Hagley Library Fellowship in Business and Politics, and the Ambrose Monell Foundation Funded Fellowship in Technology and Democracy. Click here to read more or here to support the Fellowships with a contribution.

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