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Edward Kennedy on the JFK, LBJ, and Nixon White House Tapes

The Miller Center's Presidential Recordings Program transcribes and analyzes the secret White House recordings made during the Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon administrations, and we have a vast collection of audio and transcripts on our web site—ready-made for use on television, radio, and the web. Our scholars are also excellent interviews on the presidential and congressional history—and they are expert guides through the tapes.

The Kennedy Family

LBJ calls Edward Kennedy to offer his condolences and support after the assassination of Robert Kennedy. June 6, 1968
Audio and Transcript

"You're the Man With All the Influence", Sept. 24, 1965
LBJ and Edward Kennedy call the Kennedy family patriarch, Joseph Kennedy, to let him know that a long-time Kennedy friend would be nominated for a federal judgeship.
Audio and Transcript

Christian Herter's Mercedes-Benz, Oct. 18, 1962
In this telephone call, President Kennedy and his brother Edward marvel that Christian Herter, the President's special assistant on foreign trade, arrived at a highly publicized meeting to discuss protecting American products in a foreign-made luxury car.
Audio and Transcript

JFK Tribute at the Democratic National Convention, Aug. 13, 1964
Kennedy raises with LBJ the delicate topic of a tribute to the slain former president at the Convention.
Audio and Transcript

Presidential Representatives, Mar. 25, 1965
LBJ suggests that Edward, Robert, and Jacqueline Kennedy represent him on an overseas trip.
Audio and Transcript

"It'll Make You Stronger When You Get Older", Jun. 30, 1964
LBJ checks up on Senator Kennedy, who had recently been seriously injured in a plane crash, and who was running his reelection campaign from the hospital bed.
Audio and Transcript

Congratulations!, Nov. 4, 1964
LBJ and Edward Kennedy congratulate each other on their victories in the 1964 election.
Audio and Transcript

Government Business

Challenging for Democratic Whip, Dec. 30, 1968
Kennedy informs Johnson of his intention to challenge Senator Russel Long for a Senate leadership position.
Audio and Transcript

Regional Development Aid for New England, Parts 1 & 2, Mar. 1 & 9, 1965
Kennedy lobbies for New England to get the kind of federal government aid being given to Appalachia..
Part 1 - Audio and Transcript
Part 2 - Audio and Transcript

Floating a Compromise, May 12, 1965
Kennedy and Vice President Hubert Humphrey discuss a possible compromise on his Poll Tax amendment to the Voting Rights Bill.
Audio and Transcript

Richard Nixon vs. Edward Kennedy
As Kennedy's political star rose and speculation increased that he would seek the presidency in 1972, he, along with other leading Democrats, became a prime target of Nixon's "dirty tricks" operation.

Nixon Wants the IRS to Investigate Edward Kennedy, Sep. 8, 1971
Nixon and John Ehrlichman discuss having the IRS investigate Kennedy; Ehrlichman reveals that they already have a man spying on Kennedy in Hawaii and Hyannisport; Ehrlichman talks about visiting Chappaquiddick.
Audio and Transcript

Nixon Asks for More Wiretapping
Nixon asks for increased use of wiretapping on leading Democratic figures. Haldeman updates Nixon on the status of their surveillance of Kennedy and Edmund Muskie.
Audio and Transcript

Nixon Orders Financing of a Kennedy Write-In Campaign
In an effort to interfere with the Democratic primary in New Hampshire, Nixon orders Charles Colson to arrange for financing a write-in campaign for Edward Kennedy. Audio and Transcript

The Miller Center Forum

In 2006, the Miller Center's Forum Program had a special event with Senator Kennedy. Video of the event is available below: