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March 28-30: Western Political Science Association Annual Meeting in Hollywood, CA.


August 30-September 2: Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association in New Orleans, LA
Friday, August 31, 2012: Politics and History Business Meeting and Reception. The 2012 Politics and History Business Meeting at the APSA will be held from 6:15 PM-7:15 PM. The section reception will follow, and run from 7:30 PM-9:00 PM.

Wednesday, August 29: APSA Short Course: The Contours of the American State and the Making of Public Policy. This course will be offered on at the American Political Science Association meetings on Wednesday, August 29 from 9.30 to 4.15. It will survey current trends and debates within the study of the American state and the ways in which different forms of policy and policymaking (as well as the broader political landscape) have been informed and structured by the institutional character of the state. The speakers include Cathie Jo Martin, professor of political science at Boston University and Desmond King, Andrew W. Mellon Professor of American Government, University of Oxford [UK]. The course is sponsored by the American Politics Group (Political Studies Association of the UK), the Rothermere American Institute (University of Oxford, UK) and the Eccles Centre for American Studies (British Library). For more information about the workshop and to register you need to log into MyAPSA and click on "Register for a short course" on their MyAPSA homepage under the heading, "2012 APSA Annual Meeting."

November 1-4: Social Science History Association Annual Meeting.

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