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George H.W. Bush Oral History

The Bush Oral History Project was launched in 1999 as an ambitious effort to record for posterity the recollections and reflections of key figures in the Bush administration. The goal is twofold: to capture for the permanent historical record a picture of the 41st presidency drawn in the words of those who knew it best; and to supplement a documentary record that may be silent or unclear as to the decisive influences on presidential politics and policies during the Bush years.

The Bush oral history consists of 44 interviews and roughly 425 hours of recorded interviews with cabinet members, senior presidential staff members, transition aides, and campaign advisors. Among those who have been interviewed to date are James Baker III, Nicholas Brady, Andrew Card, Richard Cheney, Richard Darman, Marlin Fitzwater, Boyden Gray, Dan Quayle, Brent Scowcroft, John Sununu, and Richard Thornburgh.

The project is being conducted in cooperation with the George Bush Presidential Library Foundation and is overseen by an advisory board.

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