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James Monroe Papers (1758 - 1831)

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James Monroe

James Monroe's papers have recently received the attention of a modern editorial project. An authoritative edition of his writings is being published by Greenwood Press through The James Monroe Papers Project housed at Mary Washington College. To date the Monroe project has produced a two volume catalog of Monroe's papers and the first of a projected 8 volumes of papers.

  • A Comprehensive Catalogue of the Correspondence and Papers of James Monroe 2 vols.
  • The Papers of James Monroe. The papers are in progress. To date, 1 volume of a projected 8 has been published. The first volume focuses on Monroe's Presidential tours of 1817, 1818, and 1819. Future volumes will follow a chronological format and begin with material from 1775.

Before the current editing project, the standard published collection of Monroe's papers was the 7 volume Stanislaus Hamilton edition published between 1898 and 1903, The Writings of James Monroe. AMS Press published a reprint edition in 1969.

The three major microfilm collections of Monroe papers are the best sources for material not yet published by the Monroe project nor available in the Hamilton edition. The microfilm collections are available at different institutions throughout the United States; please contact the Scripps Library about their location and availability.

  • Papers of James Monroe (Library of Congress, 11 reels).
  • James Monroe papers, 1772-1836 (New York Public Library, 8 reels).
  • James Monroe Papers in Virginia Repositories (13 reels).

For the official papers of Monroe during his Presidency, see James Richardson's Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents. This retrospective compilation was published in several different editions. The final edition was published in 1918 in 20 volumes. This edition covers the Presidencies of Washington through Taft and includes a significant portion of Wilson's Presidency. The contents of the Compilation are typically limited to official proclamations, addresses, and messages.

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