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Theodore Roosevelt Papers (1858 - 1919)

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Theodore Roosevelt

The most comprehensive collection of works for Roosevelt is the Memorial Edition of the The Works of Theodore Roosevelt, edited by Hermann Hagedorn. This 24-volume edition is the most complete collection of Roosevelt's books, essays, state papers and other writings. The National Edition of The Works, comprised of 20 volumes, is a condensed version of the Memorial Edition. Generally, the National Edition is more readily available. In addition, an important collection of Roosevelt's letters have been published in 8 volumes by Harvard University Press.

  • The Works of Theodore Roosevelt. Memorial ed. 24 vols.
  • The Works of Theodore Roosevelt. National ed. 20 vols.
  • Social Justice and Popular Rule. Reprint edition of the 19th volume of the Memorial Edition (volume 17 of the National Edition). Includes essays, addresses and public statements related to the Progressive Movement.
  • The Letters of Theodore Roosevelt. 8 vols. Edited by Elting E. Morrison.

In addition to these three collections there exist a number of number of smaller collections of Roosevelt papers that may be of interest to researchers.

  • Roosevelt, Theodore. Addresses and Presidential Messages of Theodore Roosevelt, 1902-1904. New York: Putnam's, 1904. Limited to official Presidential messages from Roosevelt's first term.
  • Selections from the Correspondence of Theodore Roosevelt and Henry Cabot Lodge, 1884-1918. 2 vols. Henry Cabot Lodge was one of Roosevelt's personal advisors and a close confidant.
  • Theodore Roosevelt: Letters from a Young Coal Miner. Letters between Roosevelt and a fifteen-year-old Polish immigrant working in the Pennsylvania coal mines.
  • Theodore Roosevelt's Letters to His Children. See full text online.

For unpublished material, two significant sources exist: The Library of Congress microfilm collection and the manuscript collection in the Theodore Roosevelt Collection located at Houghton Library, Harvard University. The Library of Congress collection includes outgoing and incoming mail, presidential scrapbooks and appointment diaries, and diaries for 1878-1884. Many papers and artifacts of Theodore Roosevelt are being digitized and made freely available online at the Theodore Roosevelt Center at Dickinson State University in North Dakota. The Center has initiated partnerships with the Library of Congress, Harvard College Library, and the National Park Service to digitize their holdings. The entire Library of Congress microfilm has already been digitized, as well as a portion of Harvard’s Theodore Roosevelt Collection, as well as items from the Theodore Roosevelt Birthplace, Sagamore Hill, Theodore Roosevelt Inaugural, Theodore Roosevelt Island, Mount Rushmore, and Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Thousands of items are already available in the digital library, and newly cataloged materials are added on a weekly basis.

  • Theodore Roosevelt Papers (Library of Congress, 485 reels).

For the official papers of Roosevelt during his Presidency, see James Richardson's Compilation of the Messages and Papers of the Presidents. This retrospective compilation was published in several different editions. The final edition was published in 1918 in 20 volumes. This edition covers the Presidencies of Washington through Taft and includes a significant portion of Wilson's Presidency. The contents of the Compilation are typically limited to official proclamations, addresses, and messages.

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