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Harry S. Truman Papers (1884 - 1972)

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Harry S. Truman

There are two major editions of Truman material and a number of smaller subject specific collections of his correspondence available. The official public papers of Herbert Hoover and every President from Truman forward have been published by the National Archives. These editions cover only the individual's time as President and include only official public messages (e.g. speeches, press conferences, public statements).

For the Truman Presidency these public papers are supplemented by a documentary history of the Truman Presidency that culls the most important documents from the Truman Presidency and publishes them in a multi-volume print edition.

  • Public Papers of the Presidents: Harry S. Truman (1945-1953) 8 vols. These papers are also available online through the The American Presidency Project at the University of California at Santa Barbara.
  • The Documentary History of the Truman Presidency. 35 vols.
  • Off the Record: The Private Papers of Harry S. Truman.
  • Dear Bess: The Letters from Harry to Bess Truman, 1910-1959.
  • Letters from Father: The Truman Family's Personal Correspondence.
  • Strictly Personal and Confidential: The Letters that Harry Truman Never Mailed.

For non-published material the best source for Truman papers is the Harry S. Truman Library. Much of the most important material from Truman's Presidential files is available on microfilm at research institutions throughout the United States, including Alderman Library at the University of Virginia through which the Scripps Library has access; please contact the Scripps Library for more information about its location and availability.

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