Miller Center

Presidential Classroom Alumni

The Miller Center at the University of Virginia is excited to be the new home of Presidential Classroom. By providing exhibits, historical resources, and lesson plans in an online environment, Presidential Classroom is poised to reach many people throughout the world. We hope these valuable materials will help students and teachers learn more about the importance of public service, the role citizens play in a democracy, and how history informs the lessons of today.

 The Miller Center has been impressed by the passion and the commitment of the Presidential Classroom alumni. We have received numerous emails from alumni and instructors. The launch of the new Presidential Classroom website is only in its first phase. In subsequent phases, we will fill out this Alumni section with yearbooks and photographs so that alumni can relive the memories of Presidential Classroom, reconnect with each other and find out where classmates are today.

We would like to tap into the enthusiasm of the alumni to spread the word about the new Presidential Classroom, especially to schools and educators. To stay in touch with Presidential Classroom, please sign up for the email list and like the new Presidential Classroom Facebook page. By joining the email list or the Facebook page, you will be notified when new features are added to the site. We would also like to hear from you about your Presidential Classroom experience, where you are today, and what you are doing.   

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