Miller Center

Public Conferences

The Miller Center organizes and hosts conferences that assemble public figures, scholars and experts to discuss centrally important public matters.

In 2004, the Center's conference "The Road to and from Brown v. Board of Education" re-examined the Supreme Court's decision after fifty years to discuss the progress and impact of desegregation in America's schools. Julian Bond and David Garrow, among others, participated. Also in 2004, fifteen years after President George H.W. Bush held his Education Summit of 1989, the Center invited participants in that summit to review the discussions at the summit and the subsequent progress in education. Lamar Alexander, Rod Paige, and Mark Warner were participants in "The 1989 Education Summit: A Reevaluation."

In April 2006, the Center's conference on Critical Intelligence, Communications and Response brought together experts, government officials, and members of the media, including Dan Bartlett, Ed Meese, Margaret Warner, and Jim Angle, to identify the best means for expediting the flow of information to the public in times of crisis.

In November 2006, the Center's "Lloyd N. Cutler Conference on the Role of White House Counsel" – organized as a tribute to the former White House Counsel and friend of the Miller Center – examined the office through the eyes of those who served in it. The former White House Counsels for every president since Jimmy Carter, as well as Presidents John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson, served on panels addressing the unique roles and responsibilities of the office.