Miller Center

JFK and the Anger of the 1960s

Steven L. Davis Steven L. Davis
Bill  Minutaglio Bill Minutaglio

Speakers: Steven L. Davis, Bill Minutaglio
Date: September 25, 2013
Time: 11:00 AM

In their new book, Dallas 1963, BILL MINUTAGLIO and STEVEN L. DAVIS offer a fresh new understanding of the social and political climate in the U.S. in the weeks and months leading to John F. Kennedy's assassination. They explore the forces that led many people to warn President Kennedy to avoid Dallas on his fateful trip to Texas. Minutaglio and Davis lead us through intimate glimpses of the Kennedy family and the machinations of the Kennedy White House, to a group of political activists in Dallas who fanned flames of anger at JFK—and who some later blamed for the president's death. A professor at the University of Texas at Austin, Minutaglio has worked at the Dallas Morning News, Houston Chronicle, and San Antonio Express-News. He has written books about George W. Bush, Molly Ivins, Alberto Gonzales, and America's greatest industrial disaster. Davis is the author of two highly praised books on Texas and is a curator at Texas State University, which holds the literary papers of Cormac McCarthy and many other writers. Photo Credit: Dennis Darling