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In Battle for Middle Class, All of Washington is Losing

Politicians from both sides of the aisle may court the middle-class in their rhetoric, but a Miller Center/Washington Post poll reveals that Americans are unconvinced that politicians are looking out for them. When asked whether or not politicians were doing a good job in “offering real solutions to help the middle class," fifty-eight percent of middle-class respondents rated the Democratic Party negatively, while two-thirds (66 percent) gave similar marks to Republicans. President Obama, even after a series of major speeches in recent weeks championing his middle class agenda, also earned low marks.

As the middle-class experiences struggles with stagnating wages, plummeting wealth,and mounting debt, sound solutions must be identified to arrest this decline. And in a political environment where Americans trust in their elected leaders has plummeted, actors outside the Beltway--University systems, social entrepreneurs, philanthropists, private enterprise, and advocates, to name a few-- must all be involved in that effort.  

Read the full article by the Miller Center's Director of Policy Programs Jeff Chidester here

Date edited: 10/07/2013 (10:15AM)


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