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Friday Feature: Betty Ford and Santa Claus Riding the Tiger

First Lady Betty Ford, Santa Claus, and clowns lead a procession of Diplomatic Corps children at a White House Christmas party, Washington, D.C. Library of Congress.

As if the holidays weren't hectic enough, the fiscal cliff and the threat of sequestration looms over the White House and Congress (not to mention citizens and government organizations, large and small).

Despite economic woes, the White House in recent history has always shown a warm embrace of the holiday season. Read about holidays at the White House here.

This season, the White House expects more than 90,000 visitors to come and enjoy the decorations and this year's theme, "Joy To All."

In the embedded photo, Betty Ford and Santa lead a procession of guests and clowns to a Christmas party for Diplomatic Corps children. The theme that year was “An Old Fashioned Children’s Christmas”.

First Lady Pat Nixon greets visitors to the White House, 1969

President Calvin Coolidge illuminating the Christmas tree just south of the White House, 1923. Library of Congress.

President Johnson and family open Christmas gifts, 1968. LBJ Library.

President Clinton and the First Family decorate their Christmas tree in the Yellow Oval Room.

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