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Friday Feature: President Bush and the Governator Not Riding a Tiger

President Bush and Arnold Schwarzenegger tip in a shared sled.

“I’ll be back… [as Governor]”

With much of the country seeing record-breaking temperatures, this week's Feature is a reminder of the crisp days of winter, and the often-unique career trajectories of political figures.

President Bush is seen here tobogganing with—you guessed it—Arnold Schwarzenegger. The visit took place in January 1991 and the conditions were reportedly a bit treacherous: First Lady Barbara Bush lost control of her sled on an icy hill and broke her leg. The incident was covered in the New York Times.

The Times refers to Arnold as "the actor" and "a former Mr. Universe who heads the President's Council on Physical Fitness." His then-wife, "television news broadcaster" Maria Shriver, also joined him on the trip.

Stay tuned! Every Friday we'll highlight a whimsical item from presidential history.

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