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Milstein Commission on New Manufacturing to Release Report on June 13 in D.C.
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The Miller Center Examines EU Perspective on Free-Trade Agreement in Edinburgh

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Commission on Entrepreneurship and Middle-Class Jobs Meets in DC

Commission members

As the number of American small businesses and entrepreneurial ventures dwindle, so do the middle-class jobs that they provide. The Milstein Commission on Entrepreneurship and Middle-Class Jobs members convened earlier this week in Washington, DC, to identify innovative yet practical ideas on how to create and sustain middle-class jobs through entrepreneurship. 

The group focused on four discrete areas in need of attention—namely access to capital, regulation, talent, and ecosystems—and the policy levers that could catalyze expansion in entrepreneurial activity and middle-class job growth. 

The commissioners, listed here, considered the following questions in their meeting:

What type of entrepreneurial activity has been successful in generating stable, middle-class employment?  What are the companies and sectors that can create middle-class jobs?

What are the new and emerging technologies that will reduce entry barriers for middle-class entrepreneurs – and how can we expand access to those technologies?

What are the most effective ways to educate various populations for middle-class employment in entrepreneurial ventures and for the middle-class to start new ventures?

What public (i.e., local, state, and federal) and private (i.e., corporate, non-profit, foundation) policy levers are available to increase middle-class entrepreneurship?

What opportunities can we give to middle-class individuals to become entrepreneurs? How do we remove the barriers that prevent entrepreneurs from creating middle-class jobs?  

Click to view photos, interview clips with commission members, and press coverage of their meeting.

Following the meetings, attention will now be focused on drafting a preliminary report  that will be distributed to the commissioners, as well as a select group of 60 individuals with expertise in the policy area.  A final report incorporating that feedback will be drafted and distributed among key constituencies in the fall. 

Date edited: 05/22/2014 (4:29PM)


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