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Friday Roundup: All about Mitt

Obama Vs Romney. File is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.

Obama Vs Romney. Photo Courtsesy Malwack, CC BY-SA.

In this Friday Round-up, we offer the top ten campaign stories of the week. Tell us what story you found to be an important development or would add.


  1. The biggest story of the week was the leaked video of a closed-door fundraiser with Mitt Romney posted by David Corn at Mother Jones magazine (watch the full remarks of part I here and part II here). Much of the commentary over the video centered on remarks Romney made regarding 47 percent of the electorate who believe they are victims, will vote for Obama no matter what, and don’t pay income tax, dividing the nation between moochers and makers. However, he also proclaimed that he did not believe in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, that Palestinians are “committed to the destruction and elimination of Israel,” and called the mullahs in Iran “crazed fanatics.” Meanwhile, Romney’s joke at the fundraiser that it would be easier for him to get elected president if his parents were Mexican was met with sarcasm during the candidate’s appearance on Univision this week. At least the Romney campaign got its wish of moving beyond the candidate’s failed opportunistic response to embassy attacks in the Middle East. By late in the wake, Romney attempted to take control of the spin cycle by attacking Obama on remarks he made in 1998 to demonstrate the president wants “redistribute wealth,” but the WaPo’s Glen Kessler gave Romney four Pinocchios for the truncated clip.
  2. Moderate Mitt (you know, the one we all were expecting to emerge in June or July) made an appearance on Wednesday evening at the University of Miami. Here are some key excerpts from his speech:
  • “This is a campaign about the 100 percent.”
  • “Now and then, the president says I’m the grandfather of Obamacare. I don’t think he meant that as a compliment, but I’ll take it.”
  • “I’m not in favor of a deportation — a mass deportation effort rounding up 12 million people and kicking them out of the country.”
  • “I would like to have the term ‘marriage’ continue to be associated with a relationship between one man and one woman, and that certainly doesn’t prevent two people of the same gender living in a loving relationship together having gay domestic partnership, if you will.”
  1. Both Gallup and an AP-GfK poll show that Obama’s convention bump has dissipated. Romney and Obama are neck and neck nationally, garnering 47 percent of voters each (see Romney wasn’t too far off the mark in May). However, polls show Obama in the lead in key swing states, including Wisconsin, and Ohio, Virginia and Florida.
  2. According to reports filed in August with the Federal Elections Commission, Obama and the Democratic Party out-fundraised Romney and the Republican Party. Team Obama raked in about $114 million compared to $111.6 million for Team Romney. Obama’s campaign also has more cash on hand than Romney’s, by a margin of $88.8 million to $50.4 million. However, when you factor in the national party committees and joint fundraising committees, Team Romney leads $168.5 million to $125.2 million.
  3. The Kraken has been released! Romney released 2011 Federal income tax documents today, which show the Republican presidential candidate paid $1.94 million on last year's income of $13.7 million, amounting to an effective tax rate of 14.1 percent.
  4. Total spending on TV ads has reached some $500 million. As of this week, Republicans have spent $314 million on ads. Romney has spent just $86 million, accounting for just 27 percent of that total. Meanwhile, Democrats have spent $277 million on ads. In large contrast to Romney, Obama’s spending accounts for 80 percent, or $222 million of that total.
  5. The first presidential debate, which will air on October 3, will primarily focus on the economy. According to the Commission on Presidential Debates, three of the six 15-minute segments will be dedicated to the economy, while the other three will focus on "health care," "the role of government," and "governing.”
  6. Paul Ryan compared the 2012 presidential race to the race between Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan in 1980. However, Ryan might be surprised to discover that Romney is the one more like Carter
  7. A recent Politico survey of more than a dozen Republican strategists on prospects for the Senate finds that “the GOP Senate takeover they all thought was almost a sure thing a year ago now looks like a coin flip at best.”
  8. Is Bibi interfering in the American elections?

Date edited: 09/28/2012 (3:26PM)


I couldn’t fiugre out as to why the so called conservative and Tea party nick picking Romney but give Newt a pass.  Romney is not perfect but he is close to perfect.  I think Romney may be reserved but not cold.  We need someone who is in control of the situation (thinks and analyzes thoroughly before making a decision) not the one who makes the important decision on a whim and brushes off the question of his past bad decision as just a mistake like Newt.  How many more mistake can we afford? Newt has so many baggage , personally, politically and professionally and he is so arrogant about it. If he gets the nomination, I am pretty sure Obama will have another term. That we cannot afford it.

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