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G. I. Bill: 69 Years and Going Strong

On this date in 1944 FDR signed the Servicemen's Readjustment Act, which provided financial aid to veterans for education, housing, and other needs; it eventually became known as the G. I. Bill of Rights.


As the Miller Center’s Presidential Classroom exhibit explains, the G.I. Bill gave benefits to returning World War II veterans to help spur the postwar economy. Honorally-discharged veterans could receive unemployment compensation for up to a year, attend college or vocational school, and receive loans to start their own businesses or buy homes.


Today, sixty-nine years after it was signed into law, the G.I. Bill is still in existence. You can read and listen to FDR’s vision for the G.I. Bill in this June 28, 1943 Fireside Chat 25.


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