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Milstein Commission on New Manufacturing

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PHOTOS: Milstein Meeting on New Manufacturing

Commissioners Matthew Burnett, John Engler and Bernie Carlson

A group of twelve experts in "new manufacturing" gathered to identify best practices for encouraging the growth of small- and medium-enterprises in the U.S. in the first Milstein Commission meeting, held on October 22 in Washington, D.C.

Participants included: 

Haley Barbour, Co-Chair, former Governor of Mississippi

Evan Bayh,Co-Chair, former Governor and Senator of Indiana

Rebecca O. Bagley, president and chief executive officer, NorTech, a technology-based economic development organization focusing on Northeast Ohio
Aaron Bagshaw, president, WH Bagshaw Co., the oldest pin manufacturer in the United States
Matthew Burnett, founder, Maker’s Row, a company endeavoring to simplify the manufacturing process by connecting designers to domestic manufacturers
W. Bernard Carlson, Lead Scholar, chair, U.Va. Department of Engineering and Society; professor of science, technology and history, and the commission’s lead scholar
Jennifer Clark, associate professor at the School of Public Policy and director of the Center for Urban Innovation in the Ivan Allen College, Georgia Institute of Technology
John Engler, president, Business Roundtable; former governor of Michigan
James Fallows, national correspondent, The Atlantic
James Manyika, director, McKinsey Global Institute; senior partner, McKinsey & Company
Kate Sofis, executive director, SFMade, a non-profit corporation working to bolster San Francisco’s economic base through local manufacturing
Howard Wial, director, Center for Urban Economic Development, University of Illinois, Chicago 

Date edited: 02/18/2014 (3:00PM)


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