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This Day In History: Nixon Justifies Release of White House Transcripts Instead of Tapes
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President Kennedy, the Press and the National Security Question

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Friday Feature: Tigers Ridden

It's a rare occurrence to have all living presidents in one location (if you will, imagine the security concerns for a moment) but it happened yesterday at the opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas.

Check out this slideshow of images from yesterday's event, thanks to the Washington Post. The Bush Presidential Library, similar to all NARA Presidential Libraries, seeks to "[serve] as a resource for the study of the life and career of George W. Bush, while also promoting a better understanding of the Presidency, American history, and important issues of public policy."

Stay tuned! Every Friday we'll highlight an interesting item from presidential history.

Date edited: 04/26/2013 (9:54AM)


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