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Enter RTT’s VEEPstakes Contest!

While modern presidential candidates have traditionally announced their vice presidential picks at the Party conventions, rumors abound that Mitt Romney’s announcement is imminent. Here at the Miller Center, we’ve decided to join the anticipation and indulge your political junkie pleasures with a VEEPstakes contest on the blog. Here are the rules.

Enter the following information in the "Comments" to this post by 5 pm on Thursday, July 19:

  1. Your prediction of who Mitt Romney will select as his vice presidential running mate. And, although it doesn’t matter for the prediction itself, tell us why you think Romney chose this person.
  2. To break any ties, tell us when you think Romney will make the announcement (e.g. during the Olympics, when he returns from Israel, at the Republican Party Convention, etc.).

Winner(s) will receive a coveted Miller Center T-shirt and be featured in a Friday Roundup with the nominal title of RTT “Political Junkie of the Week” (if they so desire).

Date edited: 07/18/2012 (9:37AM)


1. Tim Pawlenty
2. 1 week before Republican party Convention

1. Marco Rubio. To lock up Florida, steal some of the socially conservative Hispanic vote, and to reassure the Tea Party wing of the GOP.

2. 3-4 days before the Tampa convention.

Paul Ryan for the following: 1) Keep the focus on the economy 2) Attempt to steal a solid “blue” state 3) A budget has already been developed 4) “Teapublicans” love him 5) He’s not old 6) There’s also an alliteration factor “Romney-Ryan” which would be in allignment with that crazy “R” Romney uses.

Announcement will be made just after the Olympics

1. Marco Rubio
2. Lock down Florida
3. Thursday, July 19 between 10AM and 2PM

1. Rob Portman. Safe choice, could help win Ohio.

2. 1 week before the Republican National Convention.

1. Bob McDonnell. He’s the popular governor of a state Romney needs to win; he’s acted like he’s interested in the position; VA will be electing a new governor next year anyway; and his sons go to UVa, which would mean we would get to see the VP in Charlottesville.

2. The week preceding the Republican Convention.

1. Condoleezza Rice. A serious long shot, but would pull voters from the middle. She has popular appeal and has never held elected office.

2. Before the Convention.

1. Marco Rubio—Both Florida and the Hispanic vote will be key in this election.
2. Shortly after returning from his international trip.

1. Susana Martinez
2. Week before the GOP convention

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