Miller Center


The Scripps Library is dedicated to developing a high quality research collection on the American presidency. We collect monographs and multimedia material in pursuit of its mission to support and contribute to the ongoing work of the Miller Center of Public Affairs. Areas of focus include: The American Presidency, United States Public Policy, and American Political Development.

Collecting priorities are as follows:

  • Primary source material, especially that material focused on the American Presidency.
  • Standard reference material that is not easily accessible from the greater University library system.
  • Secondary source material that represents the standard in its subject field.
  • Secondary source material that is uniquely valuable because of a special relationship between the author and the subject matter (i.e. special access to the subject or to primary sources).
  • Secondary source material that provides unique and valuable insight into its subject field.
  • Material with intrinsic value to the Miller Center of Public Affairs (e.g. signed or rare monographs).

Monograph Collection

The core of the Scripps Library monograph collection is made up of standard works on the American Presidency. These works include memoirs of presidential administrations, standard presidential biographies, established, high quality secondary source materials, and an extensive collection of reference works. Two particular collections of note within the monograph collection are:

Presidential Papers Collection

The National Archives and various university presses have been editing and publishing the papers of different American presidents for years. We have made it a priority to collect all published volumes from these different publishing projects. Our collection of presidential papers includes over 400 volumes and continues to grow.

Foreign Relations of the U. S. (FRUS)

FRUS is a Government published series of declassified foreign policy documents dating from 1861. This massive, multi-volume set provides the most complete picture of U.S. foreign policy over the past century. We are in the process of completing our collection of FRUS volumes.

Multimedia Archive

The Library’s multimedia collection is a truly unique collection of material on U. S. Public Policy. The collection includes video and sound recordings, oral histories, photographs, and primary source documents. All of the material in the multimedia collection is in the process of being digitized, and much of it available through our website. More materials are available for in-library use. The foundation of the multimedia collection is made up of two important collections of sound recordings.

Presidential Recordings Collection:

Our collection of presidential recordings includes secret White House recordings made between the Roosevelt and Nixon administrations. The collection focuses on the Kennedy, Johnson, and Nixon presidencies and includes over 4,000 hours of recorded meetings and telephone conversations.

Miller Center Forum Collection

The Miller Center Forum Collection includes recordings of every Miller Center Forum from April, 1977 to the present. The collection is made up of over 1,700 recordings of nationally recognized experts in fields such as national security, public affairs, American politics, journalism, and history.


We have made a conscious decision not to archive journals or periodicals. The University of Virginia's library has an extensive collection of journals that meets the needs of Scripps Library patrons. Many of these journals are available online.