Miller Center

The Ford White House

Speaker: Richard Cheney
Date: March 21, 1986

As a former Chief of Staff in the White House, Richard Cheney discusses the transition from the Nixon to the Ford Administration and his role in it. He discusses Ford's strategies for achieving the conflicting objectives of emphasizing both change and continuity, the beginning difficulties of White House management, and Ford's attempts to restructure the staff organization structure at the White House. He also discusses Ford's relationship with Congress, the management structures of the Ford Administration, friction with Vice-President Rockefeller, relationship and interaction between the White House staff and the Cabinet, personal relationships in the Administration, the Nixon pardon, major issues of foreign policy in the Ford Administration, the strengths and handicaps of Ford as a president, the Administration's relationship with the press, President Reagan, President Ford's relationship with Kissinger, Ford's foreign policy, Nelson Rockefeller, and various contemporary candidates for the vice presidency.

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