Miller Center

The Clinton Administration Transition at the Pentagon

Speaker: Jeffrey H Smith
Date: February 28, 1994

Jeffery Smith, chairman of a joint security committee and Pentagon lawyer, holds a Forum on the Clinton transition in relation to the Pentagon. After Clinton's 1992 victory, Smith was commissioned to oversee the transition of authority in the Pentagon. He explains that his first task was to identify the areas of international concern. Smith notes that Iraq, Bosnia, Somalia and Haiti were of principle concern. He continues to discuss the appointment of the Secretary of Defense. He concludes by stating that the transition process went as smoothly as can be expected. During the questioning session he addresses foreign policy continuity, insubordination of mid-ranking military personnel, Bobby Inman, the CIA, the Joint Chiefs of Staff, gays in the military, harmony in Clinton's cabinet, minorities in Clinton's appointments, and coordination with other national security transitions.

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