Miller Center

The Need for National Military Programs

Speaker: Rear Admiral Eugene J. Carroll
Date: April 29, 1994
Admiral Eugene Carroll Jr. gives a lecture on national defense initiatives. He explains how the concept of national security was restructured in the early 1990s to address new threats. Carroll argues that with the fall of the Soviet Union, America should drastically reduce its military power and commitments instead advocating the spread of democracy, dealing with environmental threats, domestic security, protection of the constitution, and maintenance of the economy. Adm. Carroll argues that there are few real threats to America and countries such as North Korea are simply a ?mouse that terrifies the world?. He argues that organizations such as the UN can effectively serve as world police and thereby relieve America of that duty. During the questioning session Carroll discusses the necessity of the American military to effectively wage two wars simultaneously, American dependency on foreign oil, isolationism, UN reform, humanitarian use of the military, the possibility of America defending the ?near abroad?, the North Korean threat, the merchant marine, and reduction of military personnel.

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