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Charles Schultze

Speaker: Charles L. Schultze
Date: March 28, 1969
Served in the Office of Price Stabilization (1951-1952) and the Council of Economic Advisers (1952-1958). Associated with the Bureau of the Budget beginning in 1962 and served as the Bureau?s Director (1965-1968). Schultze employed the management techniques of the Defense Secretary Robert McNamara to surpass the Bureau?s traditional function of restricting itself to budget calculation and allocation, thus increasing its power in the federal government. As director, he was one of Johnson?s most important advisers, whose main goal was to curb inflation caused by expenditures on the Vietnam War and the Great Society programs. In 1968, he played a key role in the Administration?s attempt to coach the legislation of an anti-inflationary 10% tax surcharge. During the presidential election of 1968, Schultze was a member of Vice President Hubert Humphrey?s economic task force.