Miller Center

Byron Skelton

Speaker: Judge Byron Skelton
Date: October 15, 1968
Texas lawyer and judge of a Circuit Court of Appeals (1937). Associated with the U.S. Supreme Court (1946), the FCC (1950), and the Tax Court of the U.S. (1952). Judge of the U.S. Court of Claims beginning in 1966 and through the time of the interview in 1968. Discusses his association with Lyndon B. Johnson and his own interest in Texas Democratic politics as they relate to Johnson beginning in 1948 and through the presidential election of 1968. Among other issues, shares his remembrances of Allan Shivers, Texas campaign for Governor Coke Stevenson, the Democratic Organizing Committee, Rayburn?s influence in the Texas Democratic Party, national conventions, the 1960 campaign, Johnson?s relationship with John Connally, Johnson as Vice President, Kennedy?s trip to Dallas and his assassination, Johnson as a public man and private figure, and Lady Bird Johnson.