Miller Center

C. Smith

Speaker: C. R. Smith
Date: October 24, 1968

Head of American Airlines and leader in developing commercial aviation in the United States. Retiring from airline management in 1968, Smith served nine months as Lyndon B. Johnson's Secretary of Commerce. Among other issues, discusses, in his first interview, the rapport between President and Department of Commerce, the Business Council, major problems of the Department concerning the economy, Johnson's greatest strengths and weaknesses, and Lady Bird Johnson. In the second interview, discusses his work on the businessmen's committee for Lyndon B. Johnson's 1964 campaign, experience of working in the presidential cabinet, his meeting with Johnson concerning the copper strike during his tenure in the administration, the presidential campaign of 1968, the issue of foreign direct investment controls, Abe Fortas' nomination to be chief justice of the Supreme Court, his trip to Camp David in 1968, and the establishment of the LBJ library, school, and foundation.

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