Miller Center

Raymond Telles

Speaker: Raymond L. Telles
Date: March 1, 1972
A Mexican American native of El Paso, Texas, who served as an aide to several presidents and high dignitaries from Latin America and Mexico who were visiting the United States (1943-1945). Also acted as military aide to Presidents Truman and Eisenhower on their visits to Mexico City. After serving in Korea, he was Mayor of El Paso (1957-1961). Afterwards, served as the U.S. Ambassador to Costa Rica (1961-1967). Telles also served as Chairman of the U.S. Mexico Border commission. He became acquainted with Lyndon B. Johnson in 1948, when he was elected county clerk and Johnson was campaigning for the office of United States Senator. Discusses his involvement in Johnson?s campaigns and the broader topic of Johnson?s association with Latin Americans.