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Homer Thornberry

Speaker: Homer Thornberry
Date: December 21, 1970
Former page in the Texas House of Representatives mentions his memories of Sam Ealy Johnson. Begins account of election politics and his memories related to his association with Lyndon B. Johnson starting with Johnson?s days at the Texas NYA. Served as a representative from Texas (1949-1963). Member of the Texas State House of Representatives (1936-1941). District Attorney in Texas (1941-1942). Member of the Austin, Texas, City Council (1946-1948); Mayor Pro Tempore (1947-1948). Delegate at large to the Democratic National Conventions of 1956 and 1960. U.S. district judge for the western district of Texas (1963-1965). Circuit judge of the United States Court of Appeals of the Fifth Judicial Circuit (1965-1995).