Miller Center

Will Wilson

Speaker: Will Wilson
Date: June 18, 1970
Became first acquainted with Lyndon B. Johnson when he served as district attorney of Dallas, Texas (1947-1950). Judge of the Texas Supreme Court (1951-1956). Texas Attorney General (1957-1962). Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division for the Nixon Administration beginning in 1969 and through the time of the interview in 1970. Discusses the 1960 presidential campaign and his experience at the Convention of 1960, as well as his active role in Johnson?s campaign for the vice presidency. Discusses also the reaction of Texas politicians about Johnson?s acceptance of nomination for Vice President, Connally?s race for Governor, his decision to change party affiliation, his wife?s affiliation with the Kennedy women, his opinion of Johnson as President, and the end of his relationship with Johnson in 1963.