Miller Center

Lyn Nofziger

Speaker: Lyn Nofziger
Date: March 6, 2003

Lyn Nofziger gives a comprehensive look into Reagan's political career, dating back to his entrance in politics in the mid-1960s. Nofziger begins by discussing his role in Reagan's 1966 campaign for the California governorship, and his subsequent role as Press Secretary in the Sacramento. He touches briefly on Reagan's aborted 1968 presidential run against Richard Nixon before delving into the 1976 campaign and his challenge to incumbent President Gerald Ford. As a top aide, Nofziger describes the key events of the campaign from his own perspective, particularly the early pressures for Reagan to drop out of the race, the selection of Richard Schweiker as the vice-presidential nominee, and the 1976 Republican National Convention. The 1980 campaign is discussed in similar detail, as Nofziger provides an overview of the race from the decision to run all the way to the victory and the transition into the White House. In the final part of the interview, Nofziger examines his one-year tenure as Assistant to the President for Political Affairs, his brief return to the White House in August 1982 to organize support for the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act, and his role in the 1984 reelection campaign.