Miller Center

Caspar Weinberger

Speaker: Caspar Weinberger
Date: November 19, 2002

Caspar Weinberger discusses the history of his relationship with Ronald Reagan and his service under Reagan in both Sacramento and Washington, D.C. He begins with some brief comments about his service as Director of Finance for Governor Reagan in California, and his role in the 1980 presidential campaign. The bulk of the interview is composed of a comprehensive overview of the major foreign policy issues of the Reagan years, and how Weinberger, Reagan, and the rest of the foreign policy team deliberated on and confronted these events. Issues such as the Falklands War, Central American policy, America's role in Afghanistan, the sale of AWACs to Saudi Arabia, the peacekeeping effort in Lebanon, the Iran-Contra affair, and U.S.-Soviet bilateral relations are each treated with great detail. Weinberger also steps back from his position in the Pentagon and evaluates Reagan' standing in history.